Hello! ☞ This is an archived version of Al Shaw's personal website. The current site is http://shaw.al.



Shhhaw is handwritten in HTML5, CSS and PHP and is powered by Movable Type 4.2 + Markdown/SmartyPants running on a CentOS slice at Slicehost. RSS feeds are handled by FeedBurner, and Elsewhere is Google Reader + Feedburner. This site is typeset in Verdana and Helvetica (where available). The wordmark is H&FJ's Ziggurat Black Italic and Underware's Unibody 8 Italic. The code was written in TextWrangler on a 12" PowerBook G4.

Shhhaw 1.0 (4/08 - 8/09, WordPress) has been preserved here.

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Multi-consonant + exclamation point inspiration: Yeeaahh! | FFFFound!