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Overhauling the BAG


New BNN Header

I'm gradually working on redesigning and modernizing BAGnewsNotes. The first, and most important step in this transition was this week's unveiling of a new logo and wordmark (now seen on a banner at the top of the blog). Keeping with the "bag top" motif I created for the BAGnewsSALON, the logo is a new look for a blog that's been around since '03 and until now has relied on mostly hand drawn type on a scaled down image of a paper bag. I updated the wordmark to sync up with the SALON logo, and to emphasize the fact that "Notes" may (someday) be only one part of the larger BAGnews franchise. While the banner is a big step, it's only the first part of a gradual redesign at BNN. Look for more updates in the coming weeks.