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TPM Summer

06/ 2/08

talking points memoFor about the past month I've been an intern at Talking Points Memo in New York. TPM is a national political blog probably best known for being the first to break the Alberto Gonzales attorney firings story, and first blog to win a Polk Award. It gets between 4-500,000 pageviews a day. I'm primarily working on the publishing side-- delving into the site's code to streamline navigation, work out bugs, create widgets and features, mashups and photo montages, etc. I'm also working on TPMCafé, their community blog, moderating discussion, promoting good reader posts and helping users navigate the system. Each day, I also analyze the sitewide stats looking for reader trends and traffic sources. It's been great so far, and in the coming weeks I'll put up some posts here detailing more specifically what I've been doing. In the meantime, look for my daily "Diary Rescue" post on TPMCafé called "The Ones that Got Away." Even though I'm mostly working behind the scenes, my public TPM presence is here. More later.