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Going to Denver


The Democratic National Convention is coming up the week after next. I’m excited to say that BAGnewsNotes has received blog credentials to the Pepsi center, and even more excited to report that I’ll be going to Denver with Michael and photojournalist Alan Chin to produce and edit BNN’s coverage for the week. In addition to designing and branding BNN convention coverage (the image above is a teaser button for the site), I will be souping up BNN’s Movable Type templates to present more new content throughout each day: original photojournalism from Alan Chin, the BAG’s take on the day in visual media and what’s going on in the Political ‘sphere from a visual perspective. We’ll be on the scene both at the Pepsi Center and at Daily Kos’ Big Tent across the street. If you’re going to be there, drop me a tweet.